Ultimate Omelette & Texas Scrambled Eggs – Start your day with a real kick by topping your eggs with the ultimate hot sauce!

Southwestern Scrambled Eggs – Instead of the same old scrambled eggs, take a heaping tablespoon of our Chil Fixins and beat it together with 3 to 4 eggs and then cook as normal. Yummie!

Southwestern Grilled Chicken – Instead of the basic, boring old barbecue, spice up the evening with a splash of our Chipotle Salsa!

Texas Queso – Begin your party with a powerful 1-2 punch; Velveeta and Lone Star Heat Salsa or Chili Fixins!

Potatorama – Bake your potato until it won’t bake no more, then go healthy with the HEAT, instead of butter and sour cream!

Southern Marinara – Dress up your pasta with the zesty taste of Lone Star Heat!

Zesty Stew – Begin your stew prep as normal with stew meat, potatoes, carrots, a little water, and you favorite Heat. Place in a crockpot on low, and the aroma’s will drive you crazy!