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Tortilla Soup Fixins

Our Tortilla Soup Fixins is the ultimate hot and spicy soup! We've blended the perfect combination of herbs and spices that creates a better than "restaurant style" soup; every time. And the best part... it only takes 15 minutes for 6 complete servings! Great additions are corn, minute rice, zucchini, squash, hominy, or avocados. And, of course, cheese (Monterrey and Cheddar) and corn tortillas! The tortillas can be torn into small pieces and cooked into the broth, or cut into strips and fried. This product is perfect for all occasions. A fantastic cold and sinus remedy. An award winner!

Chili Starter

Our Chili Starter is how chili should taste! This meal can be prepared by anyone, with minimal effort, and better yet, minimal clean up. Simply use one pound of ground meat and one pan. No extra spices, tomatoes, or onions are needed. Just heat and eat! This product provides a robust, slow cooked flavor in 12 simple minutes. And when you are not eating chili, use this same product with Velveeta or Liquid Cheddar for the ultimate queso, or in scrambled eggs to provide a chorizo-type flavor, without the additional fat. For two pounds of meat, add an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce and 8 oz.'s of water or beer. An award winner! HEAT LEVEL: 4 - 5

Habanero Salsa

Our Habanero Salsa is an attention getter! We created this product with just the right blend of jalapeno and habanero peppers that sets your mouth on fire, but still leaves a heavenly taste behind. For a great wing sauce, mix 1/2 cup of our Habanero Salsa with 1/2 cup of melted butter. This salsa is created with a unique chicken broth base. An award winner! HEAT LEVEL: 8

Medium Salsa

Our Medium Salsa will certainly please everyone with its unique flavor, and its moderate kick. Try mixing this product with sour cream or cream cheese for an awesome party snack! This salsa is created with a unique chicken broth base. HEAT LEVEL: 5

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"I like my Lone Star Heat on my cheese and onion omelettes. Thank God for Lone Star Heat....I can enjoy the best of Texas without having to be there! :-)"
Jim Udinski, New Hope, PA.
"My whole family loves Lone Star Heat products--we're always running out!"
Karen Cantu, Arlington, TX.
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